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A Curated Network for Experts, Upkonnect uses technology to connect organisations/Individual and Independent consultants, CxOs & Leaders for Consulting Assignments, Business Advisory & Insights. Each Upkonnect User is approved as an Expert after due diligence and assessment by highly experienced Executive Search professionals having more than 30 years of experience in the Executive Search Industry. Our vision is to make hiring and working with Independent Consultants a seamless experience with the help of Expert - matching Algorithms and advance technology Tools and at the same time help Independent Consultants find business and build their network.

Talent - Pro Finder

Talent - Pro Finder is a first of its kind cloud-based software for executive search firms and in-house strategic talent acquisitions teams.

Salient Features

  1. Cloud hosted. It works on anything, anywhere, with no downloads and no complications.
  2. Data-Analytics. Track progress on each search assignment and monitor your team’s performance to allocate work and achieve maximum team efficiency.
  3. Collaborative Working. Work with your team in any location in real time from any location without hassles. No more emails. All work at one place.
  4. Search. Search resume and data using the powerful SOLR search engine.
  5. Secure. 128 bit encryption. Hosted on AWS servers with virtually zero down time.
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