Talent Advisory

Talent Advisory and Leadership Services are largely fragmented. Talent strategists must maximise intelligence from varied sources if they are engaged in broad succession planning, M&A, organization – restructuring decisions or building a leadership pipeline for future.

ETA defines Leadership Assessment as a detailed and objective evaluation of current competences and future potential.

Approach to Excellence

  1. Diagnosis - Identify strategic key issues for evaluation, study the organization complexities and its DNA.
  2. Assessment - In-depth interviews (Professional & Personal), Profile analysis, personality test, strategic and simulation with a 360 approach. Evaluate personal & professional motivation.
  3. Analysis - Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of strength, weakness and hidden potential. Recommendations for success in position. Feedback to individual and client.
  4. Feedback - Conclusion and recommendations to all individuals, leadership team & organization.
  5. Known Transfer - Evaluation of process (HR) & follow up on client

ETA has built insight into multiple assessment tools and constructed a robust portfolio. Our recommendations are objective and specific to each project and its purpose.

ETA assessments follow mandatory requirements

  1. Compliance with statutory legal and ethical regulations.
  2. All competencies must be measurable and linked to organizational strategy, addressing leadership traits, business, personal & social.
  3. Atleast one face to face structured interview per participant.
  4. Feedback for both client and assesse
  5. Assessors fully understand the client business.
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