Executive Search

Our clients describe "The ETA search and assessment experience makes the toughest and tightest searches easy and a delightful experience."

Never before, Executive Search has been so convenient and effective. We take that extra search load off your shoulders so you can compete lighter and faster in the market space.

Unlike other search firms who inadvertently fall for the ease of standardizing profiles and search processes, ETA takes extreme care to treat every assignment exclusively. Years of extensive experience has taught us that employee search is never the same for two different projects. Each assignment is unique in nature and accordingly, it calls for specific research and related expertise. ETA scans every grain before serving the best blend to you.

ETA’s state-of-the-art search and assessment process alongwith its dexterous diverse team, enables us to meet the needs of varied assignments that differ with industries, functions and cultures. Our process for executive search and assessment is broadly defined by the following stages

 Executive Tracks Associates Executive Search Process
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